Shipping Way

In order to able to serve more customers and help to solve more diesel problems in the world, Injector095000-5226 has developed its own shipping net and provided diesel parts around the world through different ways.



1. Parcel Post Transport


This way of delivery is the most popular and the fastest ways to send products to customers in nowadays, and we can deliver products to customers door to door by this way. The famous international delivery company we cooperate with are











2. Air Transport


Air transport is the second way that injector095000-5226 chooses to deliver goods to customers, because it can transport fast and for long distance. And it is a good way for delivering emergency needed products.



3. Ocean Transport


For big quantity products and long distance country, ocean transport is also a good option. But the disadvantages are slow shipping and easy to be affected by weather.



4. Railway Transport


Usually railway transport is chose between two neighbor countries and with railway connection. It can be deliver big quantity goods in an economic way.



Above are injector095000-5226 transportation net over the world, we are flexible to choose delivery ways according to customers requirements.

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