Common Rail G2 Fuel Injector 095000-5223 for E13C Engine.Video

The following content is the preview of Common Rail G2 Fuel Injector 095000-5228 for E13C Engine.Video
1.1.095000-5228 Injector’s Basic Information
1.2.095000-5228 Injector’s Common Part Number
1.3.095000-5228 Injector’s Matching Information
1.4.095000-5228 Injector’s Parameter
1.5.095000-5228 Injector’s Specifications and Dimensions
1.6.095000-5228 Injector’s Quality Control
1.7.095000-5228 Injector’s Warranty Instructions
1.8.095000-5228 Injector’s Storage Standard
1.9. 095000-5228 Injector’s Packing

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