095000-5225 Injection Welcome The Awakening of Insects

Awakening of Insects is the third solar term in the twenty-four solar terms in traditional China. Animals and insects have been hiding in the soil since winter. hibernate. At this time, most parts of China enter the spring plowing season.

For this Awakening of Insects,095000-5226.com’s product promotion is 095000-5225 injection. The following contents are introduction of 095000-5225 injection and how to buy it.

095000-5225 Fuel Injector Brief Introduction


Common rail 095000-5225 injector, as we all know, suits for G2 series injectors. In this passage,095000-5226.com will Introduce 095000-5225 injector part number’s common written, application information one by one.


095000-5225 Injection Common Written

The number 095000-5225 is one of its written ways, it is easy for people to remember. However,the number engraving on the from factory is 095000-5225, and in some countries have different ways of searching habit, so that leads to many ways of 095000-5225 injection’s written. Usually they are:

0950005220 0950005221 0950005222 0950005223 0950005224
0950005225 0950005226 0950005227 0950005228 0950005229


095000-5225 Fuel Injection Information

Type Common rail G2 injection
Part Number 095000-5225
Order Number 095000-5225
Applicable Car model


Engine Model E13C
095000-5225 injection Size Size: 24cm*12 cm *6 cm
MOQ 4 Pieces

Above is basic introduction of 095000-5225 injection, if you want to learn further information of 095000-5225, please check:


Technical data:https://www.095000-5226.com/common-rail-g2-injector-0950005225-pdf/




How To Buy 095000-5225 Injection


On 095000-5226.com, customers only need 4 steps to purchase 095000-5225 injection.

. Contact us and fill in your contact information.

095000-5226.com contacts you to confirm your purchase products.

. Make payment.

. 095000-5226.com delivers your purchase products.


After customers receive 095000-5225 injection within 15 days, customer can choose to replace it or repair it if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on these surface.

And 095000-5226.com provide 6-12 months warranty for 095000-5225 injection.



Why Choose 095000-5226.com’s 095000-5225 Injection

Specialized in fuel industry for over 10 years, 095000-5226.com has developed his own produce line and technical department, which give 095000-5226.com’s ability to satisfy different demands of customers.


During 10 years of development, 095000-5226.com is not only satisfied as an big fuel parts supplier, but also registered its own product’s trademark and patents and  developed its own technical APP – TruckBook Parts EPC APP, which for searching fuel auto vehicles’ technical data.