095000-5224 Fuel Injection Encyclopedia

The Introduction of 095000-5224 Fuel Injection

Fuel injection 095000-5224 is the most critical and complex part in common rail system, and it is also the most difficult part in design and process. By controlling the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, the ECU injects the fuel in the high-pressure fuel rail into the combustion chamber with the best fuel injection timing, fuel injection quantity and fuel injection rate.


In order to achieve an effective of 095000-5224 fuel injection starting point and precise fuel injection quantity, common rail system uses a special fuel injection with hydraulic servo system and electronic control element (solenoid valve).

The Function of 095000-5224 Fuel Injection

  1. Increase oil pressure (constant pressure): Increase injection pressure to 10 ~ 20 MPa.
  2. Adjust fuel injection time (timing): Controls starting and stopping fuel injection at specified time.
  3. Adjust the fuel injection quantity (quantitative): According to the working conditions of diesel engine, change the fuel injection quantity to adjust the speed and power of diesel engine.

Part Number Location of 095000-5224 Fuel Injection

No. Name
A brand, logo, part number,series number
B nozzle part number

Storage Standard of 095000-5224 Fuel Injection

  1. Choose a suitable storage place

The warehouse and cargo yard where the fuel injector is stored should be kept clean and dry, and away from the factory buildings that generate harmful gases and dust; do not mix with acid, alkali, salt and other substances; the storage place should have a good drainage system; the cargo yard should be flattened with gravel or furnace ash etc. to enhance the water permeability of the surface layer to keep the reservoir area dry.

  1. Strict requirements of warehousing

Strict inspections should be carried out when the fuel injectors are put into storage, the surface cleaning work should be done well to remove water traces, oil stains, ash and other dirt, remove the rust and do anti-rust treatment in time. Packaged injectors must be protected from damage.

  1. Keep the warehouse dry and preventing moisture

The relative humidity is usually below 70% for the fuel injectors placed in the room, and the corrosion of the fuel injectors is significantly reduced.

Injectors must be stored in the warehouse, and they are forbidden to store in the same warehouse with commodities with high water content.

  1. Stack Properly

After the injector is exposed to rain, the corrosion rate will increase significantly. The purpose of sealing is to isolate the injector from rainwater and humid air, so the warehouse window should be checked in time to avoid rainwater entering the warehouse.

If the fuel injector package is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced; when the package is damp, the packaging material should be dried; if the original anti-corrosion and oil applied at the factory is found to be damaged or dried up, it should be cleaned and re-applied oil in time.

It is forbidden to leave the injector exposed in the air for a long time.

It is forbidden to store acid, alkali, salt and other substances together with the injector.

The unpacked fuel injector must be rust-proof during secondary storage.

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